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A website disclaimer relates to your specific website content.  By using the appropriate website disclaimer on your website it avoids legal liability in many instances. It is basically a writing that embodies a legal disclaimer.   

The value of any website disclaimer depends upon how skilfully they have been drafted. Your visitors must be well aware about the disclaimer. The language of the disclaimer must be clear, easily understood and straightforward. It should not lead to any confusion.

A disclaimer serves as a contract between the website owner and the users.

Things to be taken in to consideration while drafting disclaimer:

  • The content of disclaimer should not be copied from any other website.
  • Copyrighted content should not be used
  • Should obey the rules of your disclaimer
  • Should not post wrong information
  • Disclaimer data should be up to date and correct
  • You are accountable for the content that you put on your website or blog.

Disclaimer should include:

  • Owner of the website
  • From which website it is referred
  • Website owner policy towards third party
  • Liability is accepted or not accepted by the website owner

Importance of the use of Disclaimer:

  • It specifies the basis upon which the website may be used.
  • It excludes various types of liability that may arise from the use of website.

As online businesses are growing tremendously it is important to have disclaimers, privacy policy etc, to your website as it protects you from legal issues. Therefore helps you to draft your website declaimer with ease.

Our team will evaluate your case and quote a price best suited for you.

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