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Advantages of a Private Limited Company

  • Limited Liability

Generally limited to the amount required to be paid up on each share.

  • Long and continuity of Existence

Private Limited companies are not affected by the status of their owner when it comes to their existence. Death or inability to continue the company by the owners does not hinder the proceedings of the company.

  • Ease of Raising Funds

In a Private Limited Company, the minimum shareholders has to be 2 and the maximum shareholders can be 50, the limited number of shareholders and the reputation of private limited company makes it easier to raise capital funds in comparison to other forms of companies. Therefore, we can say scope of expansion is greater when a private limited company is incorporated. Taking debts from banks and other financial ventures is quite easy too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the minimum number of people required to form a Private limited company?

Minimum number of people required to form a Private Company is  2 members and maximum 50 members.

What is Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)is an electronic form of a signature used for signing documents on the computer. DSC can be used to sign certain documents digitally. For example, E-Forms.

What is Director Identification Number (DIN)?

Director Identification Number (DIN) is a unique identification number given to a Director of any Company which is incorporated.  Director Identification Number is very important because it helps to know complete information or identity of a Director. There has to be a DIN for each Director of a company.

Documents required for Registration?

PAN card of the proposed Directors, Address Proof of the directors, Proof of the registered office of the company, etc.


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