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Thinking of closing a Private Limited Company?

Closing of a Private limited company can be due to any reason such as suffering loss, bankruptcy, order by the court, etc. Closing means winding up of a company. Also there are two methods by which a private limited company can be closed.

Methods of winding up:

  • A Private limited company can be closed Voluntarily. Voluntary winding up may be by Member’s or Creditors.
  • A Private limited company can be closed by Tribunal or Court

Procedure for winding up Voluntarily:

  • A Board Meeting to be conducted by the Directors and a resolution is to be passed
  • Then a General meeting is to be conducted after issuing notice and a resolution is passed for winding up.
  • If creditors are of the opinion of winding up of a company they can also voluntarily wind up a private limited company by passing a resolution.

After hearing the petition of winding up if the court is satisfied passes the order of closure of a company or if required appoints a liquidator.

Procedure for winding up by Tribunal:

Winding up of a Private limited company by Tribunal or court should follow certain procedure:

  • The Tribunal or a court shall appoint a Official liquidator by sending him notice of his appointment and will be in charge of the company till the company gets dissolved.
  • The liquidator appointed shall have right to access books of accounts for inspection, liabilities, creditors, loans, etc.
  • Then the official liquidator should prepare a report after inspection and should furnish it before the court.
  • After inspection and if the court is satisfied passes the order of dissolution of the company.

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